Where it all started......

pimp juice bottles

Around 2003 Farmtruck and myself had been street racing for a few years already and although we thought we knew everything, we simply had not.  Even though 2003 doesn't seem that long ago to some, it was long enough ago for double-adjustable shocks, Cal-tracs, programmable traction control and digital timing boxes to be unobtainable for the common racer.  They existed but it was only professional drivers and NHRA race teams who could afford to purchase the 55 gallon drums of material. 
farmtruck and big chief trading money
We knew that we had to come up with a mix that was better than water and better than just using water or simply cutting PJ1 Trackbite into a diluted mix. Nowadays it's very common to see people re-bottling PJ1 or VP and slapping a label on it but back then it was still a secret. 
farmtruck tire in pimp juice
Farmtruck attempted to reverse engineer the mainstream traction compounds himself and did his very best, with little knowledge and lack of a chemistry background, to come up with our very own mix within a short amount of time. Through testing and trial and error he had the best compound he could create, DIY style, without being a chemist. It worked very well for many years until ultimately we became concerned about the carcinogenics and shipping obstacles that came with mixing and shipping flammable/toxic chemicals.  So production ceased, Street Outlaws began and we limited the formula to our own personal use.  
Fast forward to 2015.  We received an email from a stranger whom we've never met before, stating to us, that as a chemist he could recreate Pimp Juice to any configuration, thickness, smell, color, texture or stickiness that we desired, at no charge. BET! We took the offer seriously and apparently so did he.  After 2 weeks of testing inside a lab. A new formula was created and after another month our mysterious chemist, whom we still had never met nor spoken to with the exception of emails, had cracked the code and created the perfect blend which is what we have to offer today.  It's literally the stickiest product out there for this application. Whether it be asphalt, concrete or wood lol, Pimp Juice out performed the best brands by a large margin. It's non-carcinogenic, biodegradable, petroleum distillates and dries slightly quicker than the other products on the market.
We don't spend any money on advertising at the moment, it's all been word of mouth, giving product away and using it on Street Outlaws.  We're still small, we run this business out of our shop still and it still ships from the 405 when you place an order. 
We appreciate everyone that has supported us throughout the years and believed in us when we lacked the confidence ourselves.  We will continue to strive to make the product even better and more affordable without compromise.  Thank you and we look forward to seeing ya at the next event!  - FnA
farmtruck doing a burnout with azn and pimp juice